A nearly 160 hectare property, in an Integrated Production Regime, located in the Baena and Cañete de las Torres municipalities, halfway between Córdoba and Jaén, the world´s main olive-producing area.

Our Integrated Production system uses latest generation agronomic management techniques that are also environmentally friendly:

  • No tillage, with a live plant cover and mechanical mowing system, leaving plant debris on the soil to prevent erosion and to provide nutrients and organic matter to the olives trees.
  • Frequent analysis of soil and tree leaves to deduct the necessity for nutrients and apply the appropriate doses.
  • Balanced pruning between both vegetative and productive functions.
  • Pest prevention, estimating the risks by weekly monitoring of each pest or illness. The application of measures are only executed with express technical approval from the engineer, once it is proved the established intervention threshold has been overcome, and using legally permitted doses of products listed in the Official Record of plant-protection products.

It is a 5 x 8 and 8 x 8, modern, intensive plantation, with trees of only one trunk, which provides them with enough space for their correct isolation and ventilation.