According to the Spanish Royal Academy, “trazabilidad” is an adaptation from English, derived from the verb (to trace).

  1. Possibility of identifying the origin or the different stages of a production and distribution process of consumer goods.
  2. Documental reflection of the traceability of a product.
  3. Property of a result of measure that allows it to be related to a higher reference by means of a calibrations documented chain.

You can check the traceability of Olivízate through the QR code that you will find on every bottle or you can know the process by clicking here.


  • The label of each bottle contains the complete information of necessary elements, such as the high quality symbol and the freshness guarantee:
    • Nº of the bottling batch.
    • Collecting date.
    • Best-before date.
    • Nº of the bottle.
    • The series range.
  • Our brand guarantees:
    • Thanks to the QR code we incorporate on the label of each bottle, you can access our computing programme to verify the traceability of the batch, the bottle, and even the land plots of origin of the olive.
    • Food security and tranquility.
    • We know which bottles we have delivered to each client from every batch for all of our products.